2016 The Pyrenees: Carcassonne to Barcelona

Macmillan Jersey Pyrenees
Cycle Challenge 2016

This challenging, spectacular ride takes us across the Pyrenees from the beautiful fortified city of Carcassonne, through the rolling hills of Cathar country before reaching the mighty Pyrenees.

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Pyrenees, Pyrenees, brings a smile to your face, but aches in your knees
The scenery is stunning, the roads smooth and long, but some of those climbs demand training and strong
They don’t forgive weakness, they inflict punishment and pain and when you turn corners, it all starts again.
The downhills are better, make you feel like a pro, but such apprehension, when you look far below.

So now then you must ask, why do it, why go, when you’re busy at home, you’ve commitments, you owe?
The answer is different, each one has their own and for some it’s a challenge, to make it alone.
Some do it in memory of loved ones they’ve lost and for people like that, the effort’s no cost
Some just for the thrill, of doing it their way, with no phones or e-mails, saying today is my day.

But whatever your reason, why ever you came, the result for Macmillan is exactly the same.
You gave us your time and your smile and your pain, so we could help others again and again.
We can help with some info, ease stress and direct, we can signpost and clear up a personal mess.
We can help with a wig or just listen to a story, all on the back of your aches and glory.

So thank you dear cyclists, for committing to ride, helping someone back home, take back some lost pride.
Thank you for helping to help what is here, it’s urgent sometimes and often it’s fear,
of an awful occurrence, when you just cannot see and trying not to say why is it me, why just me?
Macmillan can help, but needs help in return and there you’re our hero, we need your good turn.

So thank you in buckets for all that you do, for turning those pedals for giving us you
For the training, the funds, for acquiring new bikes, for dressing in Lycra for each Facebook like
For being so lovely and sweating up hills, for putting us first and before your own bills.
Macmillan in Jersey is shouting out loud that we’re loving you all; you’ve made us so proud.

Brian Frith
July 2016

The Itinerary

PDF of the official itinerary from Discover Adventure.

Day 1: Meet Toulouse, transfer to Carcassonne   Diary entry
Day 2: Head South through the foothills of Aude, rolling roads, beautiful countryside and a gentle climb up the Col de Marmare. Descent in to Ax-les-Thermes. 65 miles Elevation Map Diary entry
Day 3: A day of two halves. Up and down! Across three countries. Heading south through Andorra and finishing in Spain. Hotel in Seu d’Urgell. 55 miles Elevation Map Diary entry
Day 4: Another mountainous day ahead as we ride through the beautiful Catalan Pyrenees. A wonderful downhill ride at the end of the day into historic Berga. 63 miles Elevation Map Diary entry
Day 5: Our last day brings us out of the mountains, on a diverse, undulating day through lovely rural scenery, with the mountains conquered and Barcelona ahead of us. It’s a nice straightforward cycle in to one of Europe’s most popular cities. 85 miles Elevation Map Diary entry