Ecuador: Day One – Miami to Quito

A good start, with an upgrade to business class which was a real treat & a further highlight of the plane journey was the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Not what I expected but so good & so thought provoking (let me know if you knew the final answer). Was it wise not to check the bag all the way through? Only time will tell. I carry with me, courtesy of daughter Katie, an extract from Psalm 147: 9-11 in response to Phil Terry’s piss taking of my ‘little thin legs & little thin tyres’ (he took a photo from behind when we were in Brittany) it goes

“He provides food for the cattle and the young ravens when they call. His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse nor his delight in the legs of man…”.

Good eh!

I also have a wonderful card from Judith & lovely send offs from both kids & a host of friends, so I leave spiritually well armed for what’s ahead.

Good trip into Miami & amazingly smooth run through customs & immigration to get to the departure gate at AA which, within a short while begins to resemble a 3rd World airport with massive carry-on bags, loads of pushing & shoving & the inevitable hour plus delay, not helped whilst said copious carry-ons had to be somehow stowed.

Therefore arrived in Quito close to 11.00 & had a dreadful hours wait when it appeared as though I’d no luggage.

However man with board bearing my name on exit, 20 minutes to hotel (but taxi couldn’t get even close so had to hump bags through streets) & mercifully to bed shortly after midnight. Plus point – hotel situated in lively area. Minus point – Noisy as hell but Tony (already there) had left a welcome note & pair of ear plugs (thoughtful boy)