France: Day Twelve

Paul, Alan & Brian head to the Airport for flights home. Tony, Gus, Chris & Richard prepare to drive to St Malo (they were universally dismayed as to how far it was & ‘how could we have cycled all this way’).

According to Richard, Routemaster & Navigator, total mileage was 777 miles. Tony reckons about 120,000 turns of the pedals. Not bad for one lad & the rest staring a bus pass in the face & certainly a great experience. We feel lucky to be all in one piece & with bikes pretty well intact. Lessons learned – more spare tyres & matching GPS, riders & support vehicle is all that springs to mind with me, although the others may have more to add. We also learned to ride as a Group & to share the brunt of the wind, at the front, in turn. This gives those in ‘the pack’ a rest & also stops the frustration of being ‘tail end Charlie’ & the debilitating feeling that comes when you can’t catch up.

Brian Frith

May 2nd 2009