France: Day Nine – (was to be) Port Camargue to Aix en Provence

I woke quite early & tried to convince myself the noise was the air conditioning unit in the room, but sadly no – it was the wind. The weather then added rain & finally torrential rain so we all turned up for breakfast in casual clothes & decided to hang on until things turned a little brighter. It wasn’t to be however & the rain got steadily worse until it became evident the roads were beginning to flood & to have continued would have been uncomfortable in the extreme & worse still, dangerous. For the rest of the trip we were to see fast flowing rivers & floods, the result of these days’ storms. We therefore set about testing the support system & trying to fit seven bikes (one spare), luggage & food plus the seven of us, into Chris’s new ‘super van’. No problems – soaked & not a bit dejected, we set off for Aix en Provence. Our coffee stop en route is not etched into memory, other than being the crummiest café this side of Algeria & with stairs to the toilet that were more dangerous than any cycling we’d done so far.

We arrived in Aix de Provence around 3.00pm & spent a few hours over a lazy lunch & a promenade in this lovely town, albeit in damp miserable weather. Back to the hotel at 8.30pm & agreed an 8.15am start the following day, although the free WIFI virtually guaranteed, via every conceivable weather web page, that we would be wet for the entire day!!